IT Support and Cloud Support specialists roles are always in demand and growing

Every organization requires multiple IT Support roles to support their end-users. These roles will help daily user IT-related issues such as Network, Server, Wireless, Mobile, Application, etc.
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Our Training courses:

Our offered courses are highly discounted rates compared to colleges and other training centers. We want to ensure that everyone from our community can join our class from anywhere in the world. If you know how to use Facebook or TikTok, you can learn IT with us. We do not offer free training.

We offer only 5 training programs

Students can pick one of these training courses independently

1. IT Support Specialist Training (4 months)

This is the Network and End-user support-related training. You will virtually learn Networking, Enterprise Router configuration, Network Security, End-user issues and resolutions, Server configurations, Active Directory, Wireless and much more. With this training, you will practice and learn all items related to becoming an IT Support Specialist. IT Support Specialist's primary job is to support organization users for their daily computer/network and applications-related issues.
Fee: $600 per month (4 months) = Total $2400.00

2. Cloud Support Specialist (4 months)

Many organizations are now migrating data and applications into the cloud, and the IT Support role requires having cloud support and management skills. You will virtually learn Office365, Cloud Security and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and much more. Cloud Support Specialist's primary job is to support organization users for their cloud-related technology.
Fee: $600 per month (4 months) = Total $2400.00

3. Network Security Analyst (3 months)

IT Security job is always in high demand due to constant threats and data breaches worldwide. Therefore, organizations worldwide are always looking for Security professionals who can review IT Security, Network Security, application security etc., to ensure the organization is constantly meeting the security guidelines to protect the data and comply with laws and regulations. Students will learn to secure computers, servers, networks, and firewalls to safeguard the company and the end user data.
Fee: $800 per month (3 months) = Total $2400
(32) What is a Security Analyst? - YouTube

4. Cyber Security Analyst (3 months)

A cybersecurity analyst protects company data from cybercriminals. The analyst's primary role is to understand company IT infrastructure in detail, always monitor it, and evaluate threats that could potentially breach of company Cloud, on-prem IT Infrastructure and end user devices. The cybersecurity analyst continuously looks for ways to enhance company cloud security,data security, protect its sensitive information and continuously running penetration testing to ensure that the organization meets the requirements.

The cybersecurity analyst is also responsible for:
  • Configuring Tools: This may come in the form of virus software, password protectors, and vulnerability management software. They will evaluate what the company needs and use these tools to protect its information.
  • Reporting: The analyst will detail what is currently going on in the network and evaluate its strengths. One of the skills needed is learning to read these reports. They will show what is well-protected and indicate if there is any unusual activity in the network.
  • Evaluate Weaknesses: No network is fully secure, but the goal is to make it as secure as possible. Part of the job is to continuously test all company networks and find weaknesses before bad actors or external threats can compromise them.
Fee: $800 per month (3 months) = Total $2400
(32) What does a Cyber Security Analyst do? - YouTube

5. Video Conferencing (Microsoft Teams)

Today more and more people work from home or remote and would need to collaborate with others in businesses or with employees at work or with vendors etc. Traditionally Audio-conferencing bridge was used where everyone dials phone number to discuss the meeting agenda however Video is now becoming more adopted across the world. Cutting travel cost, increasing employee efficiency and productivity is becoming new normal that requires great video conferencing Transform any workspace into a Teams meeting place by joining simply by a single touch. From huddle room to a larger boardroom- it gives you a feel like in-person communication. Microsoft Teams is the ultimate business collaboration solution that features quality video calling, group chat, audio calling, content sharing, and many more attributes to make communication seamless and business operations streamlined.
Please watch this video to understand what Microsoft Teams Video Conference Room is:(36) Microsoft Teams Rooms | Your Integrated Meeting Solution - YouTube

Fee: $1500 4 Weeks = Total $2400
Class: Sunday from 1PM to 5PM

Admission Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or Associate Degree
  • Assessment Test (we will send you assessment test link to complete once application is submitted)
  • Windows 10 or 11 Laptop (Mac will not work) with minimum 16GB memory and SSD Drive
  • High Speed Internet access (Learn from anywhere in the world)